Our Philosophy

 Whether you’re a hardcore fitness junky or you haven’t been in a gym in years, we can help you reach your goals.


Community is the key to our success and moral support comes with the package. We offer a group-training fitness program that makes working out more fun and motivating. All of the women you work out with have been in your shoes, and they won’t judge you no matter how new you are to fitness.

When you start your fitness training program, we will set you up on a path to success. Every woman here cares about feeling good inside and out, and we want you to be happy with yourself, too. Our goal is to eliminate the self-consciousness, fear and uncertainty that comes with making lifestyle changes to help uncover the healthiest version of you possible. That’s what Body Performance is all about.

_DSC5090Our goal as women is to be fit, not flawless,

which is why you will never find us promoting

the “next best workout” or a diet trend. We

challenge ourselves, and each other, to work

with our bodies, not against them, and make

healthy changes we can live with every day.

Coach Beth Dolce