The only Columbus, Ohio fitness program created for women by women.

A total fitness training program led by Beth Dolce of Good Bodies Fitness in Dublin, Ohio.

It's Time to Get your Body Back

Real Women. Real Results.

Group Training for Women

“It is not just about losing weight, but creating a lifestyle of healthy changes-food, exercise, rest, and fun”
-Ashley P.

Body Performance is a female approach to strength, fitness and wellness. Our women-only fitness program led by Beth Dolce and team is designed to bring your inner strength to the surface through a personalized blend of fitness, strength training, wellness tools and nutrition and lifestyle mentorship services.

Whether you are new to fitness, want hardcore strength training or you just want your body back, our Body Performance coaches will provide a comprehensive approach to regaining control of your fitness and wellness to fit your lifestyle and deliver the results you want.

The strength behind our fitness program is the support of real women. 

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Real fitness changes you from the inside out.

As women, our bodies ebb and flow with the crazy demands of our lives; sometimes we’re at a loss for how to regain control. That’s where Columbus, Ohio’s Body Performance fitness and lifestyle coaches can help! Our fitness and nutrition mentors will work with you to identify your personal road blocks and create an exercise and nutrition plan to get you past them.


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Body Performance for Life - Coaches - Beth DolceAbout Beth Dolce

Voted one of the top 10 personal trainers and nutrition mentors in Columbus, Ohio, Beth has over 10 years of field experience helping women reach their personal goals.



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