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“We both learned the importance of supporting each other to eat well and achieve our goals”  Read more

Carrie, Age 35

“The biggest thing that I had to learn about nutrition was that eating less doesn’t mean weighing less.”  Read more

Lizzie, Age 29

“I can look into a mirror with more positive thoughts and now put on my favorite outfits with more confidence than I have ever had.”  Read more

Sarah, Age 23


“For me, it was all about the nutritional habits and just understanding what I should be eating for my body. I really don’t feel like I am making a big sacrifice or depriving myself.”  Read More

Rhiannon, Age 39

“It is not just about losing weight, but creating a lifestyle of healthy changes-food, exercise, rest, and fun”  Read more

Ashley, Age 31

“Fitness and nutrition is now my lifelong passion, giving me a chance at living a full healthy and active life now and in the future.”  Read more

Julie, Age 45

“As soon as my body started to experience a different type of workout I started seeing changes!”  Read More

Katie, Age 34


“I had to commit to the time and do it…I realized my body wasn’t going to gain the muscle I want on its own.” Read More
Virginia, Age 37

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