Testimonial: Lizzie

LizzieBefore I met Beth, I was at a low point where I felt unhealthy and knew my body was not what it should be. I had always been fairly active but nothing really stuck. I had done various programs from books, DVDs, running, etc. but always gave up when I got bored. My mom had been talking about this class she had been going to with teacher friends and the trainer Beth who always had the most intense workouts. After much encouragement from my mom, I finally decided to try it out. That first day, halfway through the warm up(yes the warm up), I thought I was done for. But, I stuck with it. For the first time, I felt motivated. I wanted to get stronger; I wanted to be better.

From that day on, my entire view of fitness changed. I began working out with Beth, and with her help, toned my body, built strength, and learned about nutrition and how to “feed” my body. The biggest thing that I had to learn about nutrition was that eating less doesn’t mean weighing less. I still struggle with body image, but that’s something that may always be an issue for me.

One thing I would recommend to someone who wants to make a healthy change in their life is to find someone who can help you make a plan for fitness and nutrition and find a workout buddy, who will keep you accountable.