Testimonial: Julie

JulieDecreased her body fat by 17% over a 2 year period

I’ve been an athlete my whole life and at 43, I feel I’m in my best shape ever. During my first year of training at Good Bodies (GB), I gained muscle which made me stronger, but at the same time also gained body fat. I was disappointed not to see more changes to my body and soon learned at the GB’s Biggest Change Competition, that nutrition was the missing element. As Beth Dolce said, “Results are 80% food choices”, and this is so true. I only saw body composition results and weight loss after she worked with me on changing my diet, daily food logging on my fitness pal, in addition to participating in Body Performance and Boot camp classes 3-4 times a week. I completely changed my diet from eating fast food and almost no vegetables, to mainly cooking at home, watching my servings and eating healthier foods each day. Doing the BOD POD gave me the number of calories I needed to consume in a day to lose weight and it helped me to learn the number of grams to try and achieve for fats, carbohydrates, proteins and sugars. For my exercise program, I’m so grateful for Beth and her amazing classes. I was seeking something challenging and fun to increase my fitness level and to fill the void of not playing competitive team sports as much anymore, but received so much more! With my increase in muscle and strength, I can finally do some of the things I have never felt I was strong enough to do, have less aging body aches/pains and am more confident than ever. Fitness and nutrition is now my lifelong passion, giving me a chance at living a full healthy and active life now and in the future.