Testimonial: Jessica – Wedding Weight Loss

Body Performance for Life - Testimonial - Jessica Collage
50lb Weight Loss
Currently 37 weeks Pregnant

Prior to coming to Good Bodies I lost 40 lbs through diet and exercise over about 18 months, then I maintained at 140 for a year or so. I felt ok with my fitness but had a goal of 130 by our wedding – 10 lbs away. David and I worked with Whitey at Good Bodies prior to the wedding, by which time I was down to 132 but much stronger and not about to sweat a couple pounds.

After the wedding we started attending Body Performance where I saw my body reshape in subtle but noticeable ways, I also lost a few more pounds and hit my original goal – a total 50lb loss! I also felt that Body Performance made my strength more balanced, I no longer had some really strong areas and really weak areas, everything seemed to be working together better than it ever had. It must have been because then I got pregnant very quickly!

Being active going into pregnancy is the best gift I could have given myself. While I couldn’t continue at the same pace or intensity during pregnancy, the fitness and strength I built prior has helped me have a relatively easy pregnancy. Yes, there are some symptoms no one can exercise away, but I didn’t start experiencing many of the ache and pains of pregnancy until much further along than many women seem to. For the remaining 6 weeks of pregnancy I hope to continue doing as much as I can with Body Performance with the goal of expediting my postpartum recovery as much as possible.