Testimonial: Heather – Push Your Limits

HeatherSFor me, exercise had always been a priority but the desire to tone and get serious about weight loss became even more important after some major changes occurred in my life. Last August, I became focused on loss weight and was determined to get in the best possible shape regardless of my age.

I talked with my trainer, Beth, and she helped me clean up my nutrition and provided me accountability and support. She taught me how to use My Fitness Pal and educated me on the proper foods I needed to be successful. She challenged me during Body Performance group training and we used the bod pod to measure my results. Keeping a daily food log was key. The bod pod results establish a healthy caloric intake for me and the MyFitnesPal app on my phone made food logging easy. I became much more aware of my food choices.

With our combined efforts, I have surpassed the goals that I set for myself. The combination of aerobics, strength/core training and diet worked. I have lost a total of 20 lbs, gone from a size 10 to size 4 and feel great about my results. My self confidence & esteem are at an all time high…Simply put, I’m HAPPY!

My one piece of advice to anyone wanting to obtain a change in their fitness goals would be to push yourself harder than you think possible. Dig a little deeper and even at 50+ years of age you too will be pleased with the results. I can honestly say that I feel like a new person. Friends and family comment on the changes in my appearance and that I have a glow…Always smiling! Hello next chapter of my life, I’m ready. I hope that my story will inspire you.