Body Performance for Life - FIT Plan Overview

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Often times, exercise alone just isn’t enough to reach your ideal weight or strength goals.  As real women, going through the same daily challenges, we realize it can seem impossible to put all the pieces in place to have a successful diet and exercise routine. That is why we have created the F.I.T Plan!

The F.I.T Plan is a customized step by step approach to organizing your daily nutritional needs, lifestyle modifications, and weekly exercise schedule, all while scheduling in mandatory time for “life”.

During your F.I.T building session we will explore your wisheswants, and ideal body. We will talk through your sticking points and daily schedule challenges.  We will then take the information we gather from your SECA body composition test and our F.I.T building session to create your organized and step by step path to fitness freedom.

When you sign up for our F.I.T. Plan, you will work with a dedicated team of fitness and nutrition coaches who will take all of your personal challenges, goals, likes and dislikes into account and monitor your progress on a regular basis. We will work together to create a plan that will give you the right tools to increase your success in our program.

Step #1: Choose Your F.I.T. Plan

Let our Body Performance coaches custom-create a lifestyle, nutrition and exercise plan that will deliver the results you want.

Basic F.I.T Start-Up

  • SECA Body Composition Analysis
  • Breakdown SECA results and nutritional needs
  • Measurements & Pictures
  • F.I.T Goals
  • 8 or 12 week SECA retest

F.I.T Plan

  • SECA Body Composition Analyasis
  • Measurements & Pictures
  • F.I.T Goals
  • Customized F.I.T Plan
  • 30 minute F.I.T Plan review session
  • 4 weeks of Food log accountability
  • 8 or 12 week SECA retest

**Additional follow up consultations are based off of an hourly rate


  • SECA Body Composition Analysis
  • Cardiovascular testing to determine Target Heart Rate/Training Zones
  • Measurements & Pictures
  • F.I.T Goals
  • Customized F.I.T Plan
  • 30 minute F.I.T Plan review session
  • 8 week customized anaerobic and aerobic cardio plan
  • 4 weeks of Food log accountability
  • 8 or 12 week SECA retest

 Additional Well Coaching Options

This is your fitness and wellness journey, so it should reflect

your needs, your body, and your goals.

 Corporate Wellness Advising and Employee Education Programs

  • Program design tailored to your work environment, employee needs and interests
  • 6 Weeks to Well Group Education Program
  • Teaching nutrition basics through healthy catered lunches or cooking classes
  • Engaging group exercise, facilitated walks and fitness field trips with a team building focus
  • Communal goal setting through measurable metrics and health tracking programs

4,8,12 Week Custom Strength & Cardio Training Plans $80-$185

  • In person consultation to determine goals and fitness level
  • 2-4 per week workouts tailored to your environment
  • Progression based programming focused on your goals
  • Printable PDF with photos and tracking sheets

12 Week, One-On-One Precision Nutrition Coaching $250 / 3 months

  • 8 – In-person meetings over 3 months (30-60 minutes each based on need)
  • Bi weekly text support or scheduled phone conversations.
  • 2 SECA Body Composition Analysis tests


What is Seca mBCA 515?

In order to give proper and more accurate advice for your F.I.T Plan, we first do a medical body composition analysis with the help of Seca mBCA 515 analyzer, which measures body weight, subcutaneous fat tissue, muscle mass, percentage of water, BMI and basal and active metabolism. We get all the data on the basis of height, age, sex and current physical activity level.

The clinically proven and medically precise Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) developed by the company Seca, world leader in production of medical scales, breaks down weight into body compartments relevant for formulating your personalized F.I.T Plan.


With a detailed body analysis we determine:

  • Weight,
  • Percentage of fat tissue,
  • Muscle mass weight,
  • Percentage of water,
  • Bone weight,
  • BMI – (body mass index),
  • BMR – basal metabolism.